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Für die Produkte werden gebrauchte Bootssegel von
modernen Maxi Yachten verwendet.
Der normalerweise verwendete Stoff ist Dyneema® Membrane, eine unglaublich widerstandsfähige
und ultraleichte Faser, die in Bereichen
die extreme Widerstandsfähigkeit erfordern. 


-Portable and rechargeable self powered lamp with emergency
power bank function
-Variable light intensity
-Keep the button pressed for 2 sec. for on and off
-Charging time: 5 h via micro USB with indicator led
-Runtime. “Maximun” mode: Dimming brightness from 30% of initial
output, 10 hours; “Medium”: Dimming brightness from 30% of initial
output, 20 hours; “Minimum” mode Dimming brightness from 30% of
initial output, 60 hours.
-Voltage and Consumption of the charger USB charger supplied
-Maximum lamp consumption “power bank” mode
-Color temp. 3.000º K CRI +80
-Light engine voltage 3,3 Vdc
-Average life led 30,000 h
-Battery type Li-ION Voltage 3.7 V and capacity 3000 mAh
-Maximum brightness 250 Im (2,10 W)
-Medium brightness 180 Im (1,50 W)
-Minimum brightness 70 lm lm (0,55 W)
-This luminaire contains non-replaceable LED lamps
-The lamps as a power bank. The lamp and its battery can be used to charge
a mobile or any other USB powered low energy device. It is not intended
as its main purpose but can provide enough energy for an emergency. The
maximum output is this case will be 5,5 Watt (1 Amp)

Farbmuster nicht immer gleich!

Knot Lamp portable

SKU: ID.001