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For years we have been offering our customers a wide range of furniture and garden accessories, great customer service and unbeatable prices. No matter what you are looking for, stainless steel showers or sun loungers, you can choose from various brands that have a name in this industry and have been supplying for their design and quality for years, our friendly team will be happy to help you. AquaLuxe.Store Pool and more...




AquaLuxe.Store Garden and Wellness

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Luxury pool designs
"Let's start with the heart of your outdoor excellence - the pool. Experience innovative pool designs that are not only visually stunning, but also highly functional. From stunning infinity pools with a spectacular view to elegant geometric shapes seamlessly integrated into the landscape, there are countless ways to make your pool a true masterpiece."

High-quality garden furniture
"Surround your pool with high-quality garden furniture that completes the experience. Discover exclusive collections that combine comfort, style and sturdiness. From elegant lounge sets and luxurious sun loungers to versatile dining tables and chairs, choose from a variety of designs, materials and colors to create your personal outdoor living space."

Impressive designer pieces
"Set stylish accents in your outdoor area with impressive designer pieces. Experience unique sculptures, modern lighting concepts and artistic elements that enrich your outdoor oasis. Each piece tells its own story and gives your space individuality and exclusivity."

Refreshing stainless steel showers
"Enjoy refreshing moments outdoors with stylish stainless steel showers. These high-quality showers not only offer pleasant cooling on hot days, but are also aesthetic highlights in your pool area. Find out more about the different models, functions and installation options to find the perfect stainless steel shower for your pool."

Stylish patio accessories
"Complete your outdoor oasis with stylish patio accessories. From parasols and gazebos to decorative planters and outdoor cushions, we offer a wide range of products to make your patio area comfortable and appealing. Discover a variety of designs and materials that perfectly match your individual style." AquaLuxe.Store Pool and more...